Find a CURE for Multiple Sclerosis

Today’s post is a very special one! It’s a guest post especially written for Magic Imprints by a close friend of mine who runs the Society for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Pakistan website and blog. She’s incredibly talented and has been the inspiration for many of my crafts projects. Over to her!

cure for MS

I have been trying to come up with some ideas for products to add to a new shopping section of my Multiple Sclerosis awareness site. I found several interesting ones when I searched on Google, but mostly the usual, such as T-shirts, MS awareness bands, cups and mugs with a custom message printed on them, awareness bracelets, custom key chains, buttons, stickers, mobile covers and pendants. I wanted to come up with something different, so I came up with the idea of doing a small cross stitch project.

When I started searching for a cross stitch pattern related to Multiple Sclerosis, I did not find any. Many people have also asked for MS related cross stitch patterns on forums, but none of them found any. Others have advised them to use breast cancer awareness ribbon patterns because there are loads of them available and use them to make one for MS. So after some search, I found a decent breast cancer ribbon pattern at Artecy, just the style I was looking for. Instead of the shades of pink used in the breast cancer ribbon, I used the following shades of orange for my MS ribbon instead:

Anchor 316 – Color: lt pumpkin

Anchor 330 – Color: burnt orange

Next I needed some text to go with the ribbon. I found this very handy cross stitch caption maker where I typed my text message to get the following cross stitch pattern:


After I had both the ribbon pattern and the text pattern, I was good to go. I took out some zoomed-in printouts, and all I needed was some cross stitch fabric, threads, a frame, pair of scissors and of course a needle. I used some left over threads I had from some old projects. Here is the starter kit which I used to work on the project:


I started with the text first, going bottom-up because it looked easier to do.

On Day 1, I spent about 1 hour on the project and I was done with the following:


Next I started the ribbon, starting with the lighter shade of orange and leaving space for the darker shade.


It looked something like this:


On Day 2, I finished the ribbon and then finally worked on the top text on day 3. The project took around a total of 3 hours to complete, on an average of 1 hour daily.

Here is how it looked like in the end! =) I am so happy, it is looking so neat and good!


I’ll have it framed over the weekend to hang on the wall or put it on a shelf =)


Care Bears Party


Our much-awaited Care Bears party arrived at last! We’re so glad our efforts paid off; the decor looked gorgeous! This party was designed for a special friend who wanted the theme to revolve around the Care Bears. Here are the photos, starting off with the card banner that we hung from the curtain pole. The sparkly lights were already set in place by my friend’s dad, and they set off the banner perfectly!


We hung bunches of helium-filled balloons on both sides of the banner, and one balloon from each chair back. It looked super cheerful.

Care Bears Banner

Care Bears Banner

Here are the party hats for the kids, topped with curly ribbon and finished off with sparkly ribbon to tie under the chin.

Care Bear Hats

Care Bear Hats

One of the cutest decorations of the evening, the big rainbow on the wall! Here’s the tutorial we followed to make this:
It was easy to make but quite time-consuming. We think it was worth it, though!

Rainbow Wall Decor

Rainbow Wall Decor

3D Cardboard Centerpiece

3D Cardboard Centerpieces

The favor bags, filled with all sorts of sweet goodies..

Care Bear Favor Bags

Care Bear Favor Bags

Disposable glasses for the kids, decorated with Care Bear stickers punched out with a scallop punch.

Care Bears Stickers

Care Bears Stickers

The cake-cutting ceremony. A very happy birthday to Saad, the star of the evening!

Party Guests

Party Guests

Care Bear items can be ordered at our Etsy shop here, or on our Facebook page here.

Who are YOU voting for?


Normally, politics don’t interest me at all, and neither do I affiliate myself with any political party. But this time, I feel the explosive current situation in Pakistan warrants an exception to apathy. This post in particular has been inspired by this beautiful and heartfelt post by my very good friend, who has written about the daily struggles she faces as a multiple sclerosis patient. Here’s a small excerpt from her blog (click here for the full post):

…Being a tax paying citizen, the saddest part is that we do not have any facilities, no benefits provided by the Government. My father is also a tax paying citizen and he has been paying tax regularly for the past 50 years, but being a senior citizen, he has no old age benefits! We do deserve more than that!

We are being given an opportunity to change all of this.. to change the state of this country and to change our state!”

If we do not take an action now, these rulers will keep making fools of us..

Like my friend, I am a staunch supporter of Imran Khan’s PTI. I’m at the point where, to be honest, I would have voted for anyone new, but Imran Khan deserves loyalty for more than just being a new face. To start with, he has the right credentials for the job – no ‘degree degree hoti hay, asli ho ya nakli‘ (which, by the way, is one of the funnier things I’ve heard in a while). Secondly, with Shaukam Khanum Memorial Hospital he has shown he has initiative: much more than anyone else in this country. He has my never-ending respect for the way he led the fundraising campaign; everyone my age and older will remember the enthusiasm he infused the entire public with, even school kids, to collect donation funds. Now, he has proven to be an able administrator and delegator – hospital operations are transparent and function smoothly even without his presence. It’s not perfect, of course – but the fact remains that HE did it, no one else, and he did it well.

Most importantly, he has earned that holy grail so elusive with the Pakistani public – their trust. People donate to the institutions he has founded with a certainty that their money will reach the right place and will be used the right way, a monumental achievement considering the skepticism and wariness ingrained into the Pakistani psyche by years of misuse. We have no reason to believe he will abuse that trust when in power.

So what can you do? Learn from past mistakes, do not vote for people who have already disappointed us before. They *will* disappoint again. Vote for PTI and the faint glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel on May 11. And do it proudly. You’re making the right choice. For underage people, or those who can’t vote for whatever reason, campaign.

Here’s a printable that you can download and print either on paper, or as stickers (right click and save). Distribute freely.

Here’s hoping for a Naya Pakistan!

Potato Stamp Dot Art

Potato Stamp Art

I had been meaning to make some art for my living room since quite a while. Our living room color scheme is beige, white and black, with one maroon wall and a dark red rug. However, the big wall behind the main sofa was bare and looked quite empty. So I got a prepared blank canvas, planning to make something for the wall, but not too big in case I botched it, which was quite likely 🙂

I had shortlisted a few ideas about what to make, but never got around to it – and then I happened on the potato stamp dot paintings which are all the rage on the Internet these days, particularly that on Oh Happy Day. And their utter simplicity and charm was so appealing that I immediately chose to make one for the living room.

First, I spray painted the off white canvas with white paint. My spray paint did not give even coverage so I had to paint with acrylic paint over it. Next, I marked out the approximate positions of the dots with pencil. My dots were about 2″ apart.

Now the fun part: Carving out about 1″ inch sized circles from potato halves. Although it takes some time, it’s best to do this painting in one go since the potatoes go moldy and soft quite soon. I didn’t want to waste too many potatoes, so I did not use a separate stamp for each color; I just washed the potatoes when I needed another color.


To stamp, just pour some paint onto a plate, dip the stamp in it and stamp on the canvas. The paint should be a medium consistency, not too thin and not too thick. The stamped dot is not meant to be uniformly colored, and if you like you can cover it over with a paintbrush; but it’s best not to touch up too much since the potato leaves an interesting texture on the canvas. I used 6 colors. I debated a bit about adding black, but am glad I didn’t.

Here it is, hanging in it’s place. It looks so nice and colorful, and goes well with the geometric patterns in the room. I’m quite happy with it 🙂


Easy Banner Decoration


Today’s post is about a suuuper simple way to brighten and change up your decor. All you need to do is print out some flag shapes on cardstock, cut them out and string them on some ribbon or string. Hang it up and you’re done! Could it be any easier!? There are lots of decorative papers available for personal use online. The ones I’ve used in the image above are from this link (Please note that these are only for personal use):

Valentine Papers

You can use papers in any design and color, and use these colorful banners for parties, special events or just everyday decor. And they are so easy and cheap to replace when you get tired of them.

Here’s a mini-banner that I’ve put on my bathroom mirror, in blues and greens to coordinate with the decor. Isn’t it cheerful?


I’ve simply attached it with some washi tape, which comes off easily without leaving residue.

You can put a little space between the flags like I’ve done here, or string them close together. Secure each flag to the ribbon with some hot glue at the back.

Another great idea is to personalize them by putting a letter on each flag to spell out a name. If you can’t be bothered with assembling your own, we have some great party banners in our Etsy shop. 🙂

Paper Flowers

I like decorating with flowers. What I don’t like is seeing them wither and then having to throw them out. So, I looked up some tutorials online for colorful and inexpensive paper flowers.

Most of them are some variant on Martha Stewart’s famous tissue paper pom pom tutorial, which involves accordion-folding a stack of tissue paper, tying it around the middle, and fluffing each individual sheet of tissue. Which sounds easy enough. So, I got my supplies and tried them out. I made them in two sizes using both tissue and crepe paper.

I also loved this picture from Sew Homegrown:


so I strung mine in a garland as well, using transparent fish wire.

Unfortunately, mine did not turn out realistic-looking at all, and the paper tore in a few places, which I’ve read does not really matter, but in my opinion gives a rather untidy look overall.

This was one of the better-looking ones:

Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue Paper Flower

Here’s the whole garland:

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Pfft. I wouldn’t use these for any important event. :p I might try one of the other tutorials that use other methods, but for now I’m not too motivated 🙂

Has anyone had any luck with paper flowers?