Necklace Organization

How do you store your necklaces? I used to have them in various boxes and drawers, with the result that some of them got pushed to the back so that I forgot about them, or it would take me so long to find the one I wanted that I would just give up and not wear one. Lately though, on several places on the internet I found this method of necklace organization.. and it works so well! Here it is…

Necklace Organization

Necklace Organization

All you need is a set of cute hooks. Mine came with a hanger to be hung on a nail, but since I didn’t want to drill a hole in my cupboard, I attached them with double sided tape. Here, I’ve attached mine to the inside of a cupboard, but you could put one in multiple places.. On a wall in your room, behind your closet door etc. It looks very pretty, and your collection is instantly visible. Great, isn’t it!

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