Easy Banner Decoration


Today’s post is about a suuuper simple way to brighten and change up your decor. All you need to do is print out some flag shapes on cardstock, cut them out and string them on some ribbon or string. Hang it up and you’re done! Could it be any easier!? There are lots of decorative papers available for personal use online. The ones I’ve used in the image above are from this link (Please note that these are only for personal use):

Valentine Papers

You can use papers in any design and color, and use these colorful banners for parties, special events or just everyday decor. And they are so easy and cheap to replace when you get tired of them.

Here’s a mini-banner that I’ve put on my bathroom mirror, in blues and greens to coordinate with the decor. Isn’t it cheerful?


I’ve simply attached it with some washi tape, which comes off easily without leaving residue.

You can put a little space between the flags like I’ve done here, or string them close together. Secure each flag to the ribbon with some hot glue at the back.

Another great idea is to personalize them by putting a letter on each flag to spell out a name. If you can’t be bothered with assembling your own, we have some great party banners in our Etsy shop. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Easy Banner Decoration

  1. This is soo cute and simple! And you can just add any color you want with these banners. Thanks for the post, the pics look great too

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