Paper Flowers

I like decorating with flowers. What I don’t like is seeing them wither and then having to throw them out. So, I looked up some tutorials online for colorful and inexpensive paper flowers.

Most of them are some variant on Martha Stewart’s famous tissue paper pom pom tutorial, which involves accordion-folding a stack of tissue paper, tying it around the middle, and fluffing each individual sheet of tissue. Which sounds easy enough. So, I got my supplies and tried them out. I made them in two sizes using both tissue and crepe paper.

I also loved this picture from Sew Homegrown:


so I strung mine in a garland as well, using transparent fish wire.

Unfortunately, mine did not turn out realistic-looking at all, and the paper tore in a few places, which I’ve read does not really matter, but in my opinion gives a rather untidy look overall.

This was one of the better-looking ones:

Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue Paper Flower

Here’s the whole garland:

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Pfft. I wouldn’t use these for any important event. :p I might try one of the other tutorials that use other methods, but for now I’m not too motivated 🙂

Has anyone had any luck with paper flowers?


Glittered Vase

Jars are all the rage on the Internet these days. And why not? They are cheap, easily available and very practical. Here’s an easy way to pretty up a simple jar, inspired by this tutorial here: Here’s their final product. Gorgeous pic, isn’t it??


And here’s what I came up with. I know, not half as glamorous! But still cool.

You can use an empty mayonnaise, jam or any other transparent jar really.

glitter vase