Find a CURE for Multiple Sclerosis

Today’s post is a very special one! It’s a guest post especially written for Magic Imprints by a close friend of mine who runs the Society for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Pakistan website and blog. She’s incredibly talented and has been the inspiration for many of my crafts projects. Over to her!

cure for MS

I have been trying to come up with some ideas for products to add to a new shopping section of my Multiple Sclerosis awareness site. I found several interesting ones when I searched on Google, but mostly the usual, such as T-shirts, MS awareness bands, cups and mugs with a custom message printed on them, awareness bracelets, custom key chains, buttons, stickers, mobile covers and pendants. I wanted to come up with something different, so I came up with the idea of doing a small cross stitch project.

When I started searching for a cross stitch pattern related to Multiple Sclerosis, I did not find any. Many people have also asked for MS related cross stitch patterns on forums, but none of them found any. Others have advised them to use breast cancer awareness ribbon patterns because there are loads of them available and use them to make one for MS. So after some search, I found a decent breast cancer ribbon pattern at Artecy, just the style I was looking for. Instead of the shades of pink used in the breast cancer ribbon, I used the following shades of orange for my MS ribbon instead:

Anchor 316 – Color: lt pumpkin

Anchor 330 – Color: burnt orange

Next I needed some text to go with the ribbon. I found this very handy cross stitch caption maker where I typed my text message to get the following cross stitch pattern:


After I had both the ribbon pattern and the text pattern, I was good to go. I took out some zoomed-in printouts, and all I needed was some cross stitch fabric, threads, a frame, pair of scissors and of course a needle. I used some left over threads I had from some old projects. Here is the starter kit which I used to work on the project:


I started with the text first, going bottom-up because it looked easier to do.

On Day 1, I spent about 1 hour on the project and I was done with the following:


Next I started the ribbon, starting with the lighter shade of orange and leaving space for the darker shade.


It looked something like this:


On Day 2, I finished the ribbon and then finally worked on the top text on day 3. The project took around a total of 3 hours to complete, on an average of 1 hour daily.

Here is how it looked like in the end! =) I am so happy, it is looking so neat and good!


I’ll have it framed over the weekend to hang on the wall or put it on a shelf =)