Potato Stamp Dot Art

Potato Stamp Art

I had been meaning to make some art for my living room since quite a while. Our living room color scheme is beige, white and black, with one maroon wall and a dark red rug. However, the big wall behind the main sofa was bare and looked quite empty. So I got a prepared blank canvas, planning to make something for the wall, but not too big in case I botched it, which was quite likely 🙂

I had shortlisted a few ideas about what to make, but never got around to it – and then I happened on the potato stamp dot paintings which are all the rage on the Internet these days, particularly that on Oh Happy Day. And their utter simplicity and charm was so appealing that I immediately chose to make one for the living room.

First, I spray painted the off white canvas with white paint. My spray paint did not give even coverage so I had to paint with acrylic paint over it. Next, I marked out the approximate positions of the dots with pencil. My dots were about 2″ apart.

Now the fun part: Carving out about 1″ inch sized circles from potato halves. Although it takes some time, it’s best to do this painting in one go since the potatoes go moldy and soft quite soon. I didn’t want to waste too many potatoes, so I did not use a separate stamp for each color; I just washed the potatoes when I needed another color.


To stamp, just pour some paint onto a plate, dip the stamp in it and stamp on the canvas. The paint should be a medium consistency, not too thin and not too thick. The stamped dot is not meant to be uniformly colored, and if you like you can cover it over with a paintbrush; but it’s best not to touch up too much since the potato leaves an interesting texture on the canvas. I used 6 colors. I debated a bit about adding black, but am glad I didn’t.

Here it is, hanging in it’s place. It looks so nice and colorful, and goes well with the geometric patterns in the room. I’m quite happy with it 🙂