Who are YOU voting for?


Normally, politics don’t interest me at all, and neither do I affiliate myself with any political party. But this time, I feel the explosive current situation in Pakistan warrants an exception to apathy. This post in particular has been inspired by this beautiful and heartfelt post by my very good friend, who has written about the daily struggles she faces as a multiple sclerosis patient. Here’s a small excerpt from her blog (click here for the full post):

…Being a tax paying citizen, the saddest part is that we do not have any facilities, no benefits provided by the Government. My father is also a tax paying citizen and he has been paying tax regularly for the past 50 years, but being a senior citizen, he has no old age benefits! We do deserve more than that!

We are being given an opportunity to change all of this.. to change the state of this country and to change our state!”

If we do not take an action now, these rulers will keep making fools of us..

Like my friend, I am a staunch supporter of Imran Khan’s PTI. I’m at the point where, to be honest, I would have voted for anyone new, but Imran Khan deserves loyalty for more than just being a new face. To start with, he has the right credentials for the job – no ‘degree degree hoti hay, asli ho ya nakli‘ (which, by the way, is one of the funnier things I’ve heard in a while). Secondly, with Shaukam Khanum Memorial Hospital he has shown he has initiative: much more than anyone else in this country. He has my never-ending respect for the way he led the fundraising campaign; everyone my age and older will remember the enthusiasm he infused the entire public with, even school kids, to collect donation funds. Now, he has proven to be an able administrator and delegator – hospital operations are transparent and function smoothly even without his presence. It’s not perfect, of course – but the fact remains that HE did it, no one else, and he did it well.

Most importantly, he has earned that holy grail so elusive with the Pakistani public – their trust. People donate to the institutions he has founded with a certainty that their money will reach the right place and will be used the right way, a monumental achievement considering the skepticism and wariness ingrained into the Pakistani psyche by years of misuse. We have no reason to believe he will abuse that trust when in power.

So what can you do? Learn from past mistakes, do not vote for people who have already disappointed us before. They *will* disappoint again. Vote for PTI and the faint glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel on May 11. And do it proudly. You’re making the right choice. For underage people, or those who can’t vote for whatever reason, campaign.

Here’s a printable that you can download and print either on paper, or as stickers (right click and save). Distribute freely.

Here’s hoping for a Naya Pakistan!