Paper Flowers

I like decorating with flowers. What I don’t like is seeing them wither and then having to throw them out. So, I looked up some tutorials online for colorful and inexpensive paper flowers.

Most of them are some variant on Martha Stewart’s famous tissue paper pom pom tutorial, which involves accordion-folding a stack of tissue paper, tying it around the middle, and fluffing each individual sheet of tissue. Which sounds easy enough. So, I got my supplies and tried them out. I made them in two sizes using both tissue and crepe paper.

I also loved this picture from Sew Homegrown:


so I strung mine in a garland as well, using transparent fish wire.

Unfortunately, mine did not turn out realistic-looking at all, and the paper tore in a few places, which I’ve read does not really matter, but in my opinion gives a rather untidy look overall.

This was one of the better-looking ones:

Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue Paper Flower

Here’s the whole garland:

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Pfft. I wouldn’t use these for any important event. :p I might try one of the other tutorials that use other methods, but for now I’m not too motivated 🙂

Has anyone had any luck with paper flowers?